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Anjula’s mission is to pass on this wealth of accumulated knowledge and to promote authentic Indian food with the use of fresh produce and balanced spices to create wonderful, delicious and nutritious meals. 

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Vada Pav – Mumbai’s Street Food

  As a teenager I used to beg my Dad to take us to the local Wimpey for a burger. It was where all my friends […]

Diwali – The true meaning

Diwali, also called Deepavali and Divali, which literally means a “Row of Lights.” For Hindus, it is one of the most festive, popular and vibrant times […]

Reflection on Father’s Day

Most people don’t make enough time to tell their nearest and dearest how much they love them. I wanted to put that right for this Father’s […]

Obesity crisis!

I come from a generation where my siblings and I were taught to cook from an early age. Everything was cooked from scratch in our home. Only […]

The Importance of Eating Together

My Dad used to say to me “Anjula the single most important furniture in your house is a large table with as many chairs you can […]

Just Do it – Be Original – Be Brave – Be Bold

Just do it. Be originally bold. Don’t be afraid or intimidated by anyone. Most of all don’t follow the crowd, unless the fire alarm goes off! […]

I don’t try to be different, I just am…

“He who trims himself to suit everyone, will soon whittle himself away” Pretty much the only time in my life that I’ve followed the crowd, is […]