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There is a whole treasure trove of recipes, flavour combinations and beautiful ingredients that are completely neglected, along with all of their amazing health benefits. Here are some of Anjula’s top health and beauty tips.

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A love for lentils: how World Pulses Day can change the way you eat

A selection of the lentils Anjula Devi used in her dish for the Food Forever Experience London. Photo: Michael Major for Crop Trust. Anjula Devi, Chef, […]

Rise and Fall of an Industry? Anjula Devi writes on the dynamics of the curry industry

I have written before on the dynamics of the curry industry, sharing some of my personal views on the UK’s great restaurant and take-away trade, which […]

Check out Anjula’s article for Talking Point in The Healthy Food Guide

Why takeaways give Indian food a bad name You can add spice to life without ordering-in calorie-laden curries. Indian chef, author and caterer Anjula Devi helps […]

Lentils with ‘flu-busting elixir’ fenugreek & more ..

  This is a traditional Indian dish which not only tastes incredible, but also has some fantastic health properties for colds & flu. My Dad used […]

Onions are nothing to cry over!

Onions are packed with vitamins A, C, and E – all of which help to maintain healthy skin. Try my Onion Face Mask: 2tbs gram flour […]

Turmeric – what our grandparents knew

Turmeric – What our grandparents knew I was 10 years old when my Dad tried to wrap a towel drenched in warm oil and turmeric around my […]